Q: the name of the item and the name of the token?
A: the name of the project is "LIVESHOW" and the token name is "LST".

Q: what is the total amount of advance tokens?
A: the total amount of advance tokens is "10, 000, 000"".

Q: what time does the pre-sale start and when will it end?
A: the pre-sale starts at 09:00 (UTC) in November 10, 2017 and ends at 09:00 (UTC) in December 30, 2017.

Q: what kind of token exchange is accepted?
A: only accept ETH.

Q: how much is the exchange rate?
A: According to the time after the beginning of the pre-sale, the bonus range, first days to fifteenth days, the exchange ratio is 1ETH=5500LST, sixteenth days to thirtieth days 1EH=5000LST, thirty-first to fiftieth days 1ETH=4500LST.

Q: what is the minimum amount of exchange?
A: the minimum value is 0.01ETH.

Q: how do you buy it?
A: the purchase of "LST" token has detailed operation process, please learn in the "Tutorial".

Q: how much money does ICO expect to raise?
A: soft cap is $1 million, hard cap is $4 million.

Q: how do you deal with LST tokens that have not been sold since ICO?
A: LSB tokens that have not been sold will be frozen and will not be listed until December 31, 2019.

Q: when is the LST token going into the stock exchange at the end of the presale?
A: after the pre-sale, LST tokens will enter the stock exchange within 1 months, the specific trading time and trading places will be issued in www.liveshow.io announcement.

Q: when does the LST token set aside by the team enter the stock exchange?
A: the team reserved LST tokens, before the LIVESHOW platform profitable, not traded.